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We are pleased to announce the arrival of Goo Series 7 released across Europe this Spring 2018. In this years line up is the reimagining of one of our most popular products. White Almond Supreme and White Almond Smoke combines the effects of the undeniable pulling power of our Almond along with our amazing white cloud effects first introduced with our Wonderberry and Buttercorn Goos. This new deadly combo pulls together the best elements of previous iterations of Goo will surely add a new dimension to your fishing armoury.

Along with our new White Almonds, we are also releasing our Outrageous Orange. This bright orange Goo will pop on your hookbaits as well as release intense orangey goodness into the water. This orange power punch will provide more options to get more fish on to the bank.

Over the past 7 years, we have released over 30 varieties of Goo. Each year, has brought stand out stars to the table. From Series 1, Pineapple Supreme & Smoke as well as Corn Twist remain firm stalwarts. Series 2 brought us the infamous Almond Supreme and Smoke. Halibut Smoke is a favorite in Europe. Series 3 has our most popular fishy flavour Squid Supreme and Smoke. Series 4 brought us the more exotic Mangonana and awesome Tigernut Goo. Series 5 brought the white Goos for the first time with the Wonderberry, as well as the red Bumbleberry.

Series 6 built on the success of Wonderberry with our most unique product Buttercorn as well as Scopex Supreme and Smoke which served as our new standard in for a purely sweet Goo. Series 7 has already had great success with our Almond reinvention, with the White Almond Supreme being very sweet in contrast with its predecessor. Our Outrageous Orange Smoke marks our furthest strides forward in experimentation.

We hope you will continue our journey with us as we continue to push the boundaries of fish attractants. With the amazing success of Goo in competitions around the world for the past 2 decades, along with our fanatical research and development which absorbs a good proportion of our time, you will able to enjoy your fishing experience to a greater extent, whether you want to increase your haul or are looking for that new PB! 

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