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Get on the Goo!

Kiana Carp is an established company based in the U.K. which is dedicated to the specialist needs of carp fishing anglers. Our products are specially designed to give the very best performance in both pleasure and competition environments.


We aim to greatly improve your success and enjoyment of this great sport through innovative products never seen before on the fishing markets in the UK or Europe. Our products offer you the chance to add a new dimension to your carp angling tactics and to change the way you fish.


Our initial product launch back in Spring 2012 of the 1st series of Goo offered a unique and original range of both PVA friendly liquid attractors and hook bait dip enhancers. These products have been under development and testing for the last 16 years and used in both the UK and some of the World’s biggest Carp fishing tournaments over the last few years, with amazing success.


Here at Kiana Carp our inspiration is to become synonymous with innovative products at the very cutting edge of carp bait systems and enhancements available to you the angler, which have already been exhaustively tested by some of the world’s leading competition and specialist carp anglers.

We will launch our next series of Goo during 2020, and they will be available in all good tackle shops.

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